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Who Are We?

One Umbrella was founded with one clear vision:

To be the ultimate paid social media growth agency for small and medium sized businesses in the UK.

We’ve done that by putting together a full stack digital marketing team with 10+ years experience and different skill sets so we can deliver ground-breaking results for our clients.

We have a track record in eCommerce, SaaS, B2B, digital products and more.

In the past 2 years we’ve generated just over $24 million in total revenue for over 50 companies.

It’s also worth mentioning we are a certified Google Partner and were recognized as a Global Leader in the Social Media Marketing industry by The Manifest.

Our approach is personalised. It’s performance driven and scalable.

One team, one partner. One umbrella.

We’ve got you covered.

Anyone considering digital marketing for their business, I would highly recommend One Umbrella. I was impressed with the value they provided and the quality.
Peter Martin
Director at Martin & Co
They were honest and transparent from the start and helped us with more than just ads, they gave suggestions to improve our website too. Everything they did lead to us getting more sales.
Nora Nicholson
CEO at Husky Homes

Brands we work with

Our "60 Day" Formula

Many business owners think they can just run Facebook ads and get results and that’s not the case. 

If you don’t have a validated product or optimised funnel, then running ads is like putting water into a leaky bucket: the water always escapes.

Laying the right foundation for your advertising is critical. 

We help you optimise your funnel, test and validate your product. 

Our approach is designed to deliver results in 60 days or less.

Here’s the formula:

Validated Product


Funnel optimisation

Results in 60 days or Less

How Do We Achieve Our Goals​

Performance Foundations

There are two main pain points when it comes to work on traffic or sales growth.

The first. How do I get targeted traffic that converts? And second. How do I build a brand that attracts the right prospects.

Our performance foundation formula solidifies your funnel with a combination of conversion optimisation and adaptive brand positioning that allows you to stand out from your competitors and provides the fuel for sky-rocketing your advertising results.

Adaptive Brand Positioning™

Today’s customers are tough cookies. With so much choice and so little time they are making buying decisions based simply on what feels right.

In an environment where consumers struggle to make decisions, it’s critical to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Adaptive Brand Positioning™ is a new spin on traditional positioning concepts that enables you to customise message and marketing strategy to fit your audience. Working with us will enable you to find more loyal customers in less time, without wasting your money.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

If you’re like most businesses, your website isn’t performing as well as it should. Visitors are leaving without sign-ups, sales or leads.

If you aren’t getting conversions, the last thing you need is more traffic. Running paid traffic into a site that doesn’t convert because it’s broken will burn your revenue.

We provide you a conversion optimisation report with annotated suggestions that lets you see directly what is working, where the bottlenecks are and how to fix them.

Don't take our word for it,
see what we did for our clients

Client (Facebook Ads)

Time Management SaaS


Our client, a SaaS company, had 6.7m unique organic visitors a month! And yet felt they weren’t converting enough paid monthly subscribers. They wanted to increase the conversion of leads who signed up for a free trial. We delivered a 32% increase within two months.

Client (Facebook ads)

Women’s Clothing Store


Our client sells a variety of high-quality, fashionable clothing primarily advertising on Facebook. 

We achieved 400+ Purchases by the second month and a 512X ROAS. We implemented this process for two other clothing lines which were also successful campaigns.

Client (Facebook ads)

Life Coach


Our client was a life coach who had built up a moderately sized email list of potential clients.

They had attempted to target this list and create a LLA previously with another agency, but they didn’t get the results that were expected.

We reached 2,646 webinar views at an average cost of £2.93 per view in 45 days using Facebook ads.

As the webinar was converting at a healthy rate, we were able to scale our budget and make 113 sales of the 3-month coaching program generating a 522X ROAS.

See what they say about working with us

How we helped SJ Harrison, a voice and performance coach, generate high ticket clients with paid advertising.

“I’m consistently getting more consults and they’re the right people. That’s what’s really striking me. The right people are absolutely finding me.

Furthermore, because of the ads, my website is being found higher in the search results that I did before because of the ads we ran. I’m seeing the difference. I can’t recommend them enough. I’m very happy with the work.”

SJ Harrison

Voice and performance coach

How we helped Shannon Costella triple her sales for her company.

As soon as I started implementing One Umbrella’s strategies the work has been coming in ever since and infact recently I bit off a bit more than I can chew and I took on more projects than I could reasonably handle.

Since working with One Umbrella I’ve gone from feeling kind of hopeless to now I have every confidence to bring in new clients

Shannon Costella


We found some real winning audiences and now are scaling budgets.

Our online education platform is quite new to the market and I was a bit agitated because the first few weeks gave mixed results, but their team have a very calculated approach to get data first then optimise and scale.

I’m very pleased and what impressed me most is how they helped position ourselves against the competition and this is something I appreciate and didn’t hear from other agencies I talked to before. After our 4th test week, we found some real winning audiences and now are scaling budgets and being profitable.

Jennifer E

eLearning for Health

Doubled our sales from previous campaigns.

Many people I spoke to don’t have a proper process but they do and are genuine and down to earth. Plus offer truly valuable marketing advice on what strategy, creatives & copy would work for our Shopify store, thankfully it made a big difference as they doubled our sales from previous campaigns.

David M.

Easi Workout

Achieved a 522X ROI in our first month of working together.

We worked with Darey who spent over 6 months with another ad agency that didn’t get him results, upon consulting & providing guidance on his webinar funnel & high ticket mentorship program we then took over his entire Facebook ad campaigns and achieved a 522X ROAS in the first month of working together.

Dare Olufunmilayo


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Services We Provide

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Want to harness the power of Social Media? We focus on balancing top-notch content with personalised messaging, optimising your campaigns across both Facebook & Instagram. With our ad knowledge and copywriting skills we create ads that generates leads and sales. We also run highly-personalised full funnel campaigns to keep your ads performing at their highest level.

Google ads

If you’re paying high-volume for Google ads it can be hard to know if you’re getting a good return on your investment. Of course, it’s easy to blame a lack of budget or the inefficiencies of your ad copy. Solution: We have hundreds of successful Search, Display & Shopping campaigns behind us, and we’re ready to push your conversions through the roof with strategically targeted ads.

Linked-in Ads

Not getting enough leads from LinkedIn or other services? Finding quality prospects for your service or product can be difficult. Everyone is on Linked-in. How do you stand out from the noise? Don't be like most companies using the outdated connect and message approach. Let us help you reach decision makers at the right companies with our unique targeted B2B lead-generation system.

Funnels &
Landing pages

Don’t waste your potential as a business by using raw, outdated, and unappealing sales funnel templates. We will design beautiful, professional-looking pages that perfectly reflect your brand and product. Our funnels and landing pages are designed to maximise conversions for your business, not just to look pretty.

Conversion rate optimisation

You’re getting traffic but not converting it? Learn more about our innovative, data-driven conversion rate optimisation tools and services and get in touch for a free consultation. Gain an edge over your competitors by making the most of your marketing efforts, stop spending on people that don’t return from your website.

Search Engine Optimisation

It is getting harder and harder to gain visibility on Google, with over 540 quality improvements last year alone. Many agencies say they can get you to the top of Google but can they really? See how we have successfully helped others rank top on Google's search engine results page by getting in touch with us today.

Our testing methodology

We create an isolated sandbox testing environment for your ads by using automated platform-specific rules inside Facebook ads manager.

This enables us to get measurable data on your most responsive audiences & ad creative with limited spend.

Six steps to scaling your business


Contact Us Today

You book a free consultation call with us.


We'll examine six factors of your business (product/service, offer, audience, funnel, margins & marketing data).

Your Goals

We learn what's important to you and use tools to gain clarity on KPIs and metrics that will help you get from point A to Z.

Collaboration Criteria

We'll discuss the four qualities we look for in a collaboration to see if we’re a good fit.


If we're a good fit, we'll tailor a solution to your requirements, then show you our process, proof and results.

Launch and Scale

You sit back, relax, and watch your business grow while we use our proven process to get results.

Collaboration criteria

We’ve worked with many clients in the past few years, and we’ve found that there are four traits that make a great collaboration. 

We look for these elements in potential clients:

1. Full commitment

Making time for weekly calls, communicating with us regularly, and collaborating with us through daily interactions.

2. Clear expectations

Clear expectations mean that we both are on the same page with what to expect from our collaboration.

3. A defined vision for your project

When our team clearly knows what you’re trying to accomplish, we can align our service to get you the results you desire.

4. A long term “partnership” mindset

A “partnership” mindset is about working together, and investing in each other’s success.

Our Partners

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Time Management SaaS




Monthly Visits

6.7 Million




Our client, a well-established SaaS company in the time management niche, had been receiving millions of visits per month organically and though they had hired multiple agencies, felt that they weren’t capitalising on their visitors to convert.

They had a hard time isolating what was working for them because of misleading reporting and tracking from previous agencies.

Our Approach

When we first started working on the account, we noticed a few issues with pixel tracking, events that weren’t firing and inconsistent naming conventions that made it more challenging to get a clear picture.

Our first step was to clean up the data and create specific pixel events based on what we found was most important to the business.

Secondly, the current campaigns had no road-map in terms of how to sequence them within a larger sales funnel.

To segment the audience, we designed a three-staged, three-step sales funnel to target the audience at every stage of their buying journey.

We created multiple kinds of ads for the three parts, to make it easier to segment our audience from free trial to those who initiated checkout.

See below for ad account details (client information has been blurred for confidentially).


After using a number of our tools and following our advice and strategy, we were able to increase their free trial opt-ins to paid customers by 32.6%


Women’s clothing store









Our client sells a variety of high-quality, fashionable clothing. The company had a few hits, but was struggling to sell the maxi dresses.

Also as they were doing everything in-house, they were losing a lot of time and felt they weren’t getting the best out of their campaigns.

Our Approach

We used the insight tools and our in-house strategy to first understand the audience and troubleshoot. When we investigated her pixel, we found out it wasn’t being configured properly.

Without split testing, the company wasn’t taking advantage of the power of different audiences. There was also no way to tell if their targeting was working, which would prevent them from refining it.

Once we had our advertising structure set up, We ran 25 ads within 5 ad sets, spending $100/day.

We found two ad sets which performed excellently and because the ad’s engagement had been good, we decided to increase the daily budget.

We achieved 400+ Purchases by the second month and a 512X ROAS. We implemented this process for two other clothing lines which were also successful campaigns.



Life coach



Online Course






Our client was a life coach who had built up a moderately sized email list of 8,000 people from YouTube.

They had attempted to target this list and create an LLA (lookalike audience) previously with another agency, but they didn’t get the results that were expected.

Our Approach

We ran a series of split tests by targeting small audiences for a set of 3 second videos to see which creative was responding best. We then expanded the audience size and ran a longer video ad.

We then took the best performing ads for the creatives and used them with three lookalike audiences.

These are the results after 45 days, the campaign budget was scaled from £50 a day to just over £250 a day.

We reached 2,646 webinar views at an average cost of £2.93 per view in 45 days.

As the webinar was converting at a healthy rate, we were able to scale our budget and make 113 sales of the 3-month coaching program (priced at £299).

This generated a ROAS of 522% (see below).

Please note: Results can vary depending on how good your ads are. It usually takes a solid 1-2 months of testing before finding the winning ad campaigns.


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