Weighted blanket store

Generated a 9.36X ROI and $247,968 return for our client using Facebook & Instagram ads



Weighted blanket store








Our client wanted to be able to scale and increase their ROAS and to utilise their large email list which they had collated over the past few years.

Unfortunately they had up and down results with three agencies prior to working with us, and this reflected in the inconsistency with how the account was structured, as well as clear testing strategies.

Our Approach

We looked at what they’ve done before and what their competitors are doing, and then we ranked those campaigns by effectiveness.

We discovered that ads that evoked a certain mood were the most effective. In particular, smiling people, relaxing facial expressions and a certain age group (28-35) responded best.

These insights became the foundation of our experimental sandbox testing campaign.

After running ads to test multiple ad creatives with singular interest targeting, we found four good-performing creatives. But the stand-out was one that featured a high contrast slideshow effect.

We used these four ad creatives as a base and set up their look-a-like audiences with the email list provided, alongside cold interest targeting.

After a few weeks, the look-a-like audiences gave the best response, and then we started scaling our budgets by increasing them gradually using our in-house strategy to allow Facebook to optimize efficiently.


See results of the campaign from the last 30 days. Between April-May 2020

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