Time Management SaaS

Improving our client’s conversion rate by 32.6% using paid ads & conversion rate optimisation



Time Management SaaS



Monthly Visits

6.7 Million




Our client, a well-established SaaS company in the time management niche, had been receiving millions of visits per month organically and though they had hired multiple agencies, felt that they weren’t capitalising on their visitors to convert.

They had a hard time isolating what was working for them because of misleading reporting and tracking from previous agencies.

Our Approach

When we first started working on the account, we noticed a few issues with pixel tracking, events that weren’t firing and inconsistent naming conventions that made it more challenging to get a clear picture.

Our first step was to clean up the data and create specific pixel events based on what we found was most important to the business.

Secondly, the current campaigns had no road-map in terms of how to sequence them within a larger sales funnel.

To segment the audience, we designed a three-staged, three-step sales funnel to target the audience at every stage of their buying journey.

We created multiple kinds of ads for the three parts, to make it easier to segment our audience from free trial to those who initiated checkout.

See below for ad account details (client information has been blurred for confidentially).


After using a number of our tools and following our advice and strategy, we were able to increase their free trial opt-ins to paid customers by 32.6%

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