Supplement store

Generated a 7.16X ROI and $73,645 return for our client using Facebook & Instagram ads



Supplement store








Our client provides a variety of supplements and snacks to support the health and fitness journeys of thousands of clients. They stock hundreds of top brands but wanted to push more of their own line of products online.

With a brand new ad account and being a fairly new entrant in a highly competitive industry they needed to stand out with their ultimate goal to generate more conversions on their Shopify store.

Our Approach

After our consultation call, we analysed their target audience and previous campaigns which showed a lack of testing structure. 

We decided to first set up a series of promotional campaigns for their unique multi-pack box range, which makes it easier for products to be discovered.

At first, we ran our tests for a week using automated rules, but we saw that the prices varied per click. So it was clear that we needed to make some quick adjustments.

We then split-test the copy, images and target audience in Facebook till we got 2,000 impressions on each test. We found our winning ads in this campaign that has now resulted in achieving an average of 716% ROI which we’ve scaled over time.


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