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Full funnel redesign

Conversion Rate

+36.2% improvement


Dr Caleb, a respected resident physician, had a proven online course and academy for USMLE students to pass their exams. However, getting medical students to sign up for his courses was not converting as well as previously and Dr Caleb knew that he needed to improve his funnel.

Our Approach

With the old design, students were overwhelmed with information, the imagery was poor and wasn’t conveying Dr Caleb’s credential and authority in the rightway. It took a lot of time and effort to read and fully understand the features and benefits the academy offered.

We changed up the content he had to offer to medical students, making it more concise and highlighting the benefits of using his course so they could see why they should sign up to it.

We used more social proof elements (video testimonials), our copy focused on the problem solution angle, including a short story to allow for more relatability. We made better use of visual space with clear content sections and consistent call to actions throughout the page too.




Full Funnel Overview

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