Sonas Couture

Increasing targeted traffic by 23.18% and website impressions by 436k



Sonas Couture

Targeted traffic increase


Website impressions



Sonas Fashion offers a wide range of Asian bridal wear, wedding dresses and accessories with in-house customer design services. This is a highly competitive niche so we had to look at search terms that would bring in a good amount of traffic and buying intent.


Summary of Sonas Couture – SEO

Month:  April – September-2021
All Traffic to the website: From 20549 to 25,312 with 23.18% Growth in All Traffic
Total users to the website: 19,235 with 23.32% growth in last 6 months
Organic Traffic to the website: 18,768 with 30.86% growth.

Search Console Data:

Impressions to the Website:  436K with growth of 24%
Click to the Website:  9913 clicks with 21% growth in 6 months
Average CTR: 2.3%
Average Keyword Position: from 31.4 it has come to 27.2 which is very good.

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