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Our client was a life coach who had built up a moderately sized email list of 8,000 people from YouTube.

They had attempted to target this list and create an LLA (lookalike audience) previously with another agency, but they didn’t get the results that were expected.

Our Approach

We ran a series of split tests by targeting small audiences for a set of 3 second videos to see which creative was responding best. We then expanded the audience size and ran a longer video ad.

We then took the best performing ads for the creatives and used them with three lookalike audiences.

These are the results after 45 days, the campaign budget was scaled from £50 a day to just over £250 a day.

We reached 2,646 webinar views at an average cost of £2.93 per view in 45 days.

As the webinar was converting at a healthy rate, we were able to scale our budget and make 113 sales of the 3-month coaching program (priced at £299).

This generated a ROAS of 522% (see below).

Please note: Results can vary depending on how good your ads are. It usually takes a solid 1-2 months of testing before finding the winning ad campaigns.


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