Green Opia

Generating a 346% increase in YoY growth and 13.41% increase in average order value



Green Opia


Beauty & Health

Sales Growth

+346% (YoY)

Average Order value

+13.41% (YoY)

Customer aquisiton cost

-89% (YoY)


GreenOpia is a new company that provides a wide range of products for self-care, including skincare, bathing essentials, hair care, daily health supplements, and essential oils.

​​They were looking to expand its Direct-to-Consumer E-commerce Division. The internal marketing team had been primarily utilizing Google Search, Display, and Shopping Ads for driving traffic to the e-commerce website and generating revenue but their results were, average so they sought out an agency partner that would help them grow and scale.

Our Approach

The first step of the process was to determine which ad platform would fit the brand’s short-term business goals. We assessed this very carefully by considering their budget, size of the customer base, past ad performance, and more.

We then identified specific products to focus their ad budget on, as well as which audience(s) they should target. While the team would end up creating ads for all of its brand’s products, it took a best-sellers approach in getting these potential customers’ attention and interest with an initial campaign focusing only on those items that were best sellers.


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