Electronic Goods Store

Within two months, we tripled their conversions, and we reduced their CPC by over 50%.



Electronic Goods Store




14-15X ROI


Our client wanted to be able to scale and increase their ROAS with Google ads, they had worked with another agency for over 6 months with ROAS between 1-2

Unfortunately their cost per purchase kept rising in that 6 months to over $40 and their conversions also dropped, they were frustrated and wanted a new approach and trustworthy digital marketing partner.

Our Approach

We started by conducting a thorough audit of existing campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and targeting options. Based on our findings, we implemented a new structure that would better align with the company’s business goals and improve the overall performance of their advertising campaigns.

We also made a number of adjustments to the campaign settings. Updated the targeting options to focus on the most relevant audiences and locations, adjusted the ad delivery methods to maximise visibility and control costs.


Within two months, we tripled their conversions, meaning they had three times as many customers making a purchase from their website through Google Ads.

At the same time, we reduced their CPC by over 50%, so they were paying less per click on their ads. Despite spending more on advertising, their return on investment (ROI) was 14-15 times their ad spend.

See before / after results of the ad account below:

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