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139 optins in two months and 24.09% upsell conversion rate



Art with Adele




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139 in 2 months

upsell conversion rate



Adele was a respected artist coach with a popular Youtube channel (30,000+ subscribers) and had a monthly art membership for struggling artists who wanted to break through creative barriers, mindset and more.

The membership was bringing in customers organically, however, was unable to replicate using paid ads targeting a cold audience in the past. Colder audiences were just not buying the monthly membership on her site.

Our Approach

As Adele’s audience on Youtube love her content and the retention rate of organic audience was around 90%. Instead of getting cold traffic customers to pay for the membership, we created a free 30-day trial offer for visitors to see the value in the membership, with two upsells being shown directly after members opt-in to the funnel.


This lead to us generating 139 opt-ins with 87 staying on as retaining customers within two months. Furthermore, the two up-sells courses priced at $47.50 and $17.50 which are shown to members who opt-in to the free trial converted at 24.09% of which allowed us to re-invest into more ad spend to continue to grow further.

Full Funnel Overview

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